... Into the jaws of hate,
Out through the door of Love,
marched the one hundred (MIS106:7-14/MBE)

Christian Scientists are not vegetarians: they come from all walks, and their motive is to "take the inspired word of the Bible as [their] sufficient guide to eternal life." (MBE) But what about the grown Sunday School students? Before they went astray, their concept of reading Scripture, as inculcated by their teachers, is in getting (giving) the spiritual meaning of each citation in the Bible; and in patient obedience to God's Commandments, to the Beatitudes (the Sermon on the Mount), and the spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer. They did not go astray of their own intent, but in following parents and schools and States: they make images for mathematics, arts, chemistry, and physics, yet Mrs. Eddy reminds them that Science is not learned through the senses: they take a Sunday Sabbath instead of Saturday, yet Jesus rose from the grave on Sunday .... But they began in Christian Science - and since ca. A.D. 1950, with the rather public demonstrations of star-engine-power on Earth, the hydrogen-bomb, etc. - they build on firm ground, upon sure understanding, and often resort to Scripture for present prophecy rather than future or past. They early tended to take a proper Sabbath beginning Friday evening, without homework; and they tended to prefer reading only SCIENCE AND HEALTH, the risen Christ's comforter, in the Sunday School: they are not so impressed by sadness as are gayer adults.

Do the guide-lines explicit in Scripture apply today?! GENESIS describes idyllic food: the herb yielding seed {corn, wheat, oat, barley, rice, ...} and the fruits of trees {peach, pear, plum, orange, avocado,...}: upright stock, elevated foods: obviously unsoiled, clean off the ground, save wind-borne dust (compared to washing a leek of layered dirt in every blade); juicy, chewy, or crisp, but not wearisome (like elastic meats, and unshelled nuts); abundant in dense growth; refreshing in sweetness and in fragrance (animals don't smell tasty, save the milk). Ideal in description, yet sufficient for man and beast, save for infants which must receive mother's milk (developmental food specifically for each creature to its own kind, whence the reason for formulating soft-milk [earlier article] in the exception to the general rule of no written formulae for healing work, and even though ultimately when men move to outer-space they'll leave cows behind ... keeping breast-feeding).

Errors are to be discerned without touching: yet, note how quickly and easily children 'run-and-fall' to eat flesh and eggs. Still, we can recourse to the right, and none can stop our progress in putting Science and Healing into all things, because we (the Sunday School 'children') have Science in ourselves: We do not intoxicate with spoiled brews, nor poison with unscientific cooking (as avocado is a fruit, and coffee is a bean, but cooking makes such bitter, poison, and those who eat and drink such effects are as the heathen that cut themselves, and dwell in catacombs, and swear curses profusely in frenzied worship, and cry-out against the present necessity of being properly clothed, fed, and right-minded in the Christly understanding of all things - more are they to be pitied than feared, says Mrs. Eddy); and we don't long for the thoughts of parents, who yet in hypocracy believe these are thoughtlessly right. But what about melons and berries that cling from the bush and drooping vine? The nazirites avoided grapes altogether (Samson was such a man, and strong, but in need of insight to outlive his sensual concept of persistence). The Jews looked to diet to extract health, longevity, and science; but we know that we have these already to express, to demonstrate, to put into every avenue and activity. We may certainly leave these lower things to the lower creatures that creep along their way; and to small children who tend to put everything into their mouths, until wisdom undeterred confers a higher expectancy of good. Marvelous evil send pigs and dogs out to find food (as truffles), and then denies the animal its success: a strange worship that elsewhere would sacrifice man and his own success to a mortals' god.

And we may return ourselves from those natures that seem so ordinary to us: they who dally may first forgo eating sixth day meats, the land animals, and those more delaying may forgo the short gamey animals that scrape like frogs, wallow like pigs, or burrow like rabbits in their soils; and those belaying yet may invent the pure-water 'piggopotamus' ... and ice-pressed coffee-(bean)-butter candies. But food isn't the only thing we put in our mouths: words must be of the elevated naturally clean sort, sweet and flavorful, pure and true: for these ripen into deeds. This is Science at its best on Earth: not merely healing - as the Sunday School children are already free of the bio-material belief in disease origins: they must go up higher to the Scientific demonstation of all living, and sooner if so refined they would not sink into that which they cannot bear nor endure as real.

Utensils must be not only clean in wash, but clean in chemistry as well: the wooden taste of a popsicle stick, the electric 'bite' of the ordinary steel fork in lemon pie, the tarnishing silver spoon and the untarnishing golden spoon, are merest hints that a more scientific noble sense of utensil is necessary for that cleanliness so near Godliness. Anciently ivory-ware (bone or tusk) was most like teeth; but tooth-ware would be better yet, as teeth meet teeth not to clash ... ultimately a firm, resilient, inexpensive casein milk-ware. The idyllic first chapter of GENESIS was a staged sketch of intemperate inferences not yet self-complete. The lessons we must learn may be gained now, or here-asunder, certainly. But we know enough to not lean on walls: ought we teethe not on wares?!

Salt is a curious question: ocean (sea) salt is leached (dissolved) from the ground soils, washed by the rains, carried in minute traces in streams and river waters, and accumulated for billions of years (millions of millennia) - it's not all dinosaur sweat - and it's not really clean. Effused salt makes sea water heavier (denser); and its taste reminds us of the way dolphins and fish eat: their every bite is a little salty. (We wonder how ancient sailors could have died of either water-loss-dehydration or salt-deficiency, when dolphins live their lives in salt water, and may never drink fresh water: animal magnetism, obviously; but sailors athirst could have soaked themselves thrice or more daily, and lived longer - we'd hope). Mrs. Eddy specifically used natrium muriaticus (table salt) ... with bread and cheese ... but come three hundred years more when all such unclean things and methods are (old-man-food) long passé in the Christian Science Kingdom, her healing book, for its record of course, will read like the curious pornology of the ancients: the new-fundamentalists' literature for the twenty-third century: it'll be a marvel, a scorn, laughably silly in a new world order where there is no more sea (REV) (no desire for salt water); pierced and parted, and hung-up daily among the new-modern secular theorists' dirty and filthy-trashed tomes of the era ... until the second resurrection.

And lastly, what of the water, that brings the salt to the ocean: coursing through muddy rivulets, gathering in muddy streams, it settles to clear in reservoirs and lakes - but it's not as fresh as rain catchment water. Human thought marvels at its flavor and purity filtered through sands; yet its effect on that same thought is stultifying: the river of the knowledge of good-and-evil. Blithely do men squander their water and air: not because it is fresh and abundant, but because of late-minded laziness. We must restore our right to fresh clean rain catchment water - that rain water is not itself so clean is because of air pollution: and we must restore our right to fresh clean atmosphere, samewise.

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

The teachings hereļn are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, governments, find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics: Scientific inferentiation on Holy Biblical Scripture: What actually happened.

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