"Don't put a handle on Animal Magnetism"


Q: Mrs. Eddy says in this week's Lesson-Sermon that St. John's REVELATION of a new Earth without tabernacle meant there would be no body: all would be harmony. (Key/S&H) But, harmony can't lose it's manifestation: manifestation can't lose its reality: real body is omnipotence manifested.

A: Indeed her Key to the Scriptures exposes the fallibility of communicating by material language: her meaning is that with no more Earth-sea - no imperfect Earthy mirror - there'd be no way to see her own body: harmony, as in GENESIS ONE, depicts mankind impersonally. She may have taken this from the night-dream in which we do not see [our] nose: seeing more free of [our] body, though yet forwardly directed ... and this reminds us that human mental conditioning - inculcations of devoutly believed observations, envisionings - counts for naught: when we can forget in dreaming what we see daily, hourly.

St. John was also seeing man's true place was not among Earth-elements, but forever at-home, in-house built by the God of man's home, not merely God of Earth - he was seeing the Earth entirely subdued before this perfect ideal of home-dominion: the seas, the outdoor sun, and night-moon, gone, and woman's wandering (the transience-sense of harlotry) ended.

Q: When Nicodemus came to Jesus, and in asking about being born again, Jesus seemed to rebuke his question about how these things can be: that flesh begets flesh, spirit begets spirit, and that these appear to coincide in the human concept. What was Jesus' purpose?

A: Jesus did note that the Pharisees disputed his most obvious statements, but Jesus referred to something more important to a teacher as Nicodemus: we speak that we know ... Jesus meant that dwelling on the 'how-can-be's is too busy, too low-level a process for learning Godliness, Christliness, by the students and teachers of Judaism - that the Christ-understanding is direct and vertical: not forced by human will-to-study, the direct ascendency of thought, and descendency of ideas, was paramount - yea, tantamount - to his Christ-example: being a teacher come from God. Mrs. Eddy perceived this: [as elsewhere-here indicated] her Keys to the Scriptures jumped straight from pedantic literalism to the spiritual meaning ... and, in fact, 'lambhorn's is also direct, but takes one firm step on the 'actual' to show that Truth was never lost by following Mrs. Eddy - and maybe more will follow. Jesus perceived that the human dapply temporal [SIC: read, mortal] sense of substance resulted from the passing of the divine light of Truth through his spiritual sense, reaching the Earth-sense - and there appeared as Christly man: thus he implied Truth shined through his spiritual mental activity, which refocused upon the human belief of Earth, healed - because this is the way scientific healing truths reach humanity directly.

Q: What was Judas [Iscariot] trying to do: that he betrayed Jesus?

A: Set-up a private-lecture before the Pharisees? - thirty pieces of silver being a decent lecture fee - then Judas found that the Pharisees had within their ranks some who intended to carry the day, and tried to return the fee. Jesus astutely knew his own case was not strong before Judaic Law-practice: that one disciple, Judas, had a devil, meant, privation is the anti-Christ ... Jesus was next drafted by the local military, but failed his brief initiation because he refused to treason Truth - the penalty threatened death.

Q: Why do (so many) Practitioners drink coffee daily - both my parents, for example - when Mrs. Eddy says the depraved appetite for coffee, [tea, alcohol, tobacco, opium] is not consistent with Christian Science?

A: This question has been answered by The Mother Church Board of Directors at times, to wit: the progress of The Movement has not required perfection at this time. But the query is important to The Movement: we're not waiting for the end. The meaning of the language must be maintained, or Christian Science may be lost for a time: Mrs. Eddy meant no frivolous parlor-chat, rather Science: appetites inconsistent with Christian Science, are, depraved: Christian Science cannot be (re)defined from a personal sense of depravity - and she pocketed five well-worn-smooth sinkers to sling at sensualism's Goliath. The reluctance Moses felt before God, to leading the Hebrews from Egypt, is not uncommon to mankind - whence the fewness of true leaders - but followers must keep-up, though in hordes with their Leader - break-away factions can find no true place with our Movement ... and like the Jews before us, if Christian Scientists did not keep-up with Truth, then surely prophets on the order of Jeremiah would arise: and Mrs. Eddy [and Scripture] would be wrong about no-more-prophecies. We must have the complete understanding of Christian Science humanly, else we command neither the divine Will nor the mortal. In this week's Lesson-Sermon, "God", we are reminded that other gods are nought save the Lord is God alone. That word, alone, has a double meaning: the divine sense, all-one - that God is not found in or as multiple entities, but is all-inclusive-one Mind, harmony and power - and, a-lone - one God, not reachable by worship of other gods: Mrs. Eddy adjudicates, a Christian Scientist is alone with God and his being - again, a-lone, and, all-one. We must have both senses brought-out in our Lesson-Sermons, because the human seems to be that mixture of the mortal and the immortal - we must walk the straight and narrow way through this valley of the shadow of death: absolute evil and absolute good are not attainable by humanity. Meanwhile on this path that has no turning - when good-humor is appreciated - consider that second sip is insanity, the third is depravity. And, we should blush to call that (first sip) real, which was only a mistake. (MBE)

Q: What is the Christian Scientist's concern with cloning? A May 1997 Sentinel [issue] devoted to it without mentioning identical twins.

A: None: Just an opportunity to write an article on current events: Man's oneness with God didn't change - mortal thoughts tend to disagree with Truth, without understanding Truth: human thinking [human thought] wrestles with the imperative advance of Science, interpreting in varying degrees of right - that right inured by the Christ meeting human needs - and the moral control of material science, now genetic manipulation, can only be supplied by the actions of Christian Scientists. We are nearing the era when Christian Science, is, Christendom: the old Christianity (specifically that referentially old) no longer abides with Life's mandate ... Mrs. Eddy did say that human methods change - and if Christian Scientists do not adhere to their rules, they may have a loss of Science for awhile. The articles you read in that issue exhibit a great deal of vain struggle within the Church to maintain its polite ideology - even the very administrative fears glowing red with hatred of Truth: the phraseology fumed with beginnings in ministry culminating in comedy - a reversal of prior Christian Science teachings that man advances in the direction towards which he looks: not, cumulating "scientific dust". [It care-ful-ly skipped editors in that lineage: spelling-out, editorial writers] The Truth doesn't have such a struggle - likewise children are more tractible than adults, and do not have such a struggle ... thus we are witnessing a foaming at the head of bitter-stale adulthood staunched of man's ever-freshness in this Christ Science. What will the next human generation know about cloning? Will misters clone their favorite mistresses after 36? Will the British clone their own Queen, preventing their Prince ever-after? What is transmitted - Mrs. Eddy asked - to the egg? Intelligence? Authority? Love? opposites? A new way to hair-color the wife? If men (generic) would spend more time studying and understanding Christian Science - that it really is, Science - they wouldn't age so! Mrs. Eddy speaks to this point - and we should be meeting the immortal demands of her Science.

Q: The article explaining MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN is brief: are more of the elements in the story pertinent to scientific exegesis?

A: Yes, but as corroborative delineations: appropriate in the Christ Science, but more as homework for the student. For examples: the furnace heated seven times hotter than it was wont to be, means in the Jewish or Hebrew numerology, perfect, complete heat-light: the warm light of the bright sunlight, day - transformed like in grandma's ideogram, the "n-th degree," to full of light, rather than heat. That the boys were not singed nor smoked also implies light not fire, but further that boys, objects, dimensions have the same essence as the very light: a kingdom, not, divided against itself, stands - the true nature of man is seeing, reflecting, and just a little warmth: not burning hot. DANIEL saw that man cannot be harmed by his native element - that he is safe in his adherence to God's law of radiant Love illuming the universe.

Q: After his resurrection Christ Jesus thrice asked Peter whether he loved him, and that he should feed his lambs, sheep - which grieved Peter. Beyond suggesting that devotion requires three assertions, what's the sheep-feeding about?

A: The gradation from lambs to sheep suggests more actually happened. Plausibly the third request to Peter was rather that he feed his muttons: the old sheep - later translated to the repetition of sheep. Feeding [eager] lambs is promising easy fun: as is teaching children so tractable to Truth. Feeding [fertile] sheep is glamorous fleecing fame: as is teaching peers so interested to hear more about what's happening. But feeding muttons, old sheep, is grevious insult and confusion: as is teaching senior citizens, your parents, the chief priests, who ridicule in return, call you and your words insults, taunt you for not being as old yet, for not having had as much and meaningful experience, for talking about your own immature experience - the political war organizers, more often morbidly convinced of their own immoral mortality, watching hypnotically their serpentine life-writhings running out of statistical confidences: their peers expiring stiffly as Pharaoh's magicians' staves and rods - who surround themselves with gay-talking 'yes' men, and their reward they seek seems but merely happily passing among them. Peter was grieved to think about this, about restructuring old growth: about teaching those who abused Christ's message literally with gravity. When Jesus said you can't fill an old sack with newly fermenting wine, he did not mean to avoid teaching old persons - rather, their old mortal expectations burst because they already do that, attempting to keep themselves alive renewedly warmed with their lurid excitements.

Christ's Christianity was not by crusading agitations, but understanding and living the true Life that is Godly Love. And teach the Truth to all, we, too, must, and not merely the experience of learning Truth. REV Mrs. Eddy requires her students to teach from their experience, their individual demonstrated works of this Christ Science. She discovered early that doctors, lawyers, and scientists, grasped this newly rediscovered Truth more readily than mean-educated mankind, however much attention she gave teaching them: ultimately she required her Mother Church First Readers to be, thorough English scholars - more than what they gain reading her book: the more ordinary schools in the educational systems of her day offered-up more the mathematical thinkers she needed to re-teach in Science.

Q: Why did Jesus' harvest parable specify gathering the tares before the wheat?

A: Scientific precepts: purity is more important than quantity; growing (youth) is sturdier, more tractible under duress: Early neglect of the tares lets them develop (mature) fully, while later jostling the tares helps them regenerate (reseed) further. By removing the tares first - pre-harvest actually - the wheat is yet more resilient: both in stem sturdiness and seed retention - which is also true of the tares, which will thus pull-up more readily. [And the pre-harvest workers are gladdened to see the near-ready wheat revealed] And as well the distinction may be drawn twice: a small amount of wheat is lost with the tares, even though the workers focus primarily on the tares; then the remaining few tares are easier to spot when gathering the wheat finally.

Q: Why weren't there Christs secondary to Jesus: more than disciples?

A: In the simplest meaning, Jesus was the Exemplar of the Christ. But the question is certainly valid, else Jesus had no reason to take disciples - as did all teachers of the Law. The phrase, the only begotten of the Father, meant not that the Father had only one son - although in the spiritual sense this is true of your relation to God - but that one Father only was responsible for the birth of Jesus: it was otherwise Scripturally possible for a mother to exclaim she'd gotten a man from the lord, while yet her husband was involved: In Jesus's case though, there appeared a (miraculous) immaculate (virginal) birth - but there is also rare genetic evidence for virginal births: and they're not necessarily noticeably more spiritually minded. But Jesus did recognize spiritually his uniqueness from the ordinary, and was conscientious about exceptional instances among human rules [expectancies] as significant evidences of higher rule - but not as rules of exception - he recognized the uncommon solar eclipse as evidence of higher rule, even as Isaiah recognized the exception of Mercury and Venus to the common planetary rule. Jesus' attentiveness to dynamic fluid and aethereal - [flowing] water and spirit - examplified his ascendent teaching: to him, the Law of Love was not the exceptional love, though it could be found exceptionally, but it was that higher Law of - even synonymous with - God. Though many of the priests understood the quickness of Love to make friends of exceptional enemies, they believed the exceptional use impracticable for the Jewish nation: the Jews were by nature of their (Mosaic) Law, ignorant of the sciences of the gentile foreigners: the way(s) of the heathen. [As even today, Christian Scientists do not study hypnotism, drugs, hygiene] Half believed Spirit could and would regulate and cooperate with matter - heal matter, restore matter - half, that Spirit would not, could not - therefore though matter be eventually essentially nothing, they agreed, it [matter, belief] divided Spirit against its divine Will. And as the (enemy) Romans had already taken every advantage of the Jews, to love them seemed to be to let them take away their Law, of love, too - a contradiction - so they turned Jesus over to his enemies, the Romans: to love them. Jesus made higher use of that exception, too: his resurrection and ascension were not (mere) exceptions to (expected) death, but the higher rule of harmony and Life evidenced. And thereupon, with Jesus' exception having established the higher rule, generic man's development was no longer subjugated to his so-called human environment, parental lineage, genetic heredity - but he had and held authority over and above all the Earth. The human conception of the Christ was no longer exceptional - though individual crucifixions did not end immediately: We must all come to that perfect understanding of the Christ: the same light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

Q: If Jesus was Christ, why did he imbibe wine: of which, Scripture says, wine is a mocker!?

A: Christ Jesus didn't do things impossibly: As 'lambhorn' shows, walking on water was surprisingly unexpected to his disciples, but they thereby learned several good lessons all at once; As Christian Science shows, healing was and is, the natural outcome of knowing the Truth, that made and makes man free from error, falsity, sin, sickness, disease, death, the grave. Jesus, toward the end of his teaching, illustrated the ever-present necessity to work in the present: He demanded fruit - fresh fruit - from a fig tree ... it did not yield, he cursed the tree, and it shriveled in a day. But that the error of shriveling takes a day, while fruitage takes a season, again shows there was and is nothing impossible about the good Jesus did: he was, and his good works were, always in-season. That he could change water to wine, was because that was an error of human thought, that he could expose [*] - while actually changing wine to water was then impossible unseasonally. That he healed instantaneously was oftimes by exposing the errors of thought: such as smearing muddy spittle on the eyes of a blind man - who, when he had washed, came seeing - while actually creating an eyeball takes a generic season. Of course, these seasonal things can be done, too: REV Mrs. Eddy cites a case of teeth lost, restored in age: Christian Science looks beyond the mortal veil of material belief, and discerns the seasons of Spirit already accomplished; and gets down to the business of wiping away the false tears. Wining was the grape juice 'preservation' technology sanctioned by the mortal human thoughts of his era - while today we have right and nearing ideal technologies: the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven at hand. Christian Science teaches that purity - that is, pure good - is power: We can't lose our sure safety and health, trusting in purity - "your strength (of health and safety) is in proportion to your courage" - while it should be obvious that that erroneous subterfuge, called devil or wickedness, that suggests continual malpractice immunes the human spirit to the claims of such evil, does result in loss of safety, health, innocence, sanity.

Q: 'lambhorn' has errata for SCIENCE AND HEALTH:
Shouldn't it have errata for FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES, too?

A: 'lambhorn's published purpose is to unlock the code of DANIEL, REVELATION, GENESIS ... of the whole Bible, by example pieces. While any work on the internet needs careful attention to detail, the student researcher needs more to understand the Biblical text, and respond with Truth: giving the spiritual meaning of every Scriptural passage. The errata for Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, points to the recurring necessity to understand REV Mrs. Eddy's address to her era, her primary audience, before Christian Science became known - not to correct Mrs. Eddy, herself: her work was done. Certain items in FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES may stand clarification among scholars: 'lambhorn' refers to scholarly discoveries, but for the purpose of understanding; 'lambhorn' also barely touches the thought, enough to remind it, and not let it lag in the disappointments accreted of millennia blinded of asking amiss. Most importantly though, the earlier language, spoken rather than written, translated by ancients and moderns, records the thoughts that seem most generally important to the student; and must be cleared of abstracted literalisms drawn of ages: Should 'lambhorn's inference on Isaiah (14), explain, by his congregation in the side of the north, a comparison of the northern constellations of stars, which hover about the North Pole, year-round, rising only partway into the night sky, and never reaching the zenith as do the zodiacal stars, save Mercury and Venus, his Lucifer, son of the morning?! Prophets, thinkers, saw grand order among men and heavens - they compared these: enlarged their perspectives: asked, how big is all-of-heaven - how true is man to God?!

Q: Please explain why, "we should blush to call that real which is only a mistake" (MBE/S&H92:25) Why not cough, groan, snort, grin? Blushing is so physiologically vulgar!

A: Indeed, blush! It should profoundly disturb the body, as much as it has disturbed the mortal mind making a reality of error! The hypnotist keeps his body under subjection to rules of deceit, all the while loosing his mind with free reign to commit to murder, dementia, insanity, devilishness, hell, and all the et cetera's that word includes. And though ye were dead, yet shall ye live (Christ Jesus) - if, we turn from blushing, and correct the trouble infesting the mortal mind - if ye believe on me - on the manly representation of Truth - we shall look normal (not pysiologically vulgar) again.

Q: What was the manna the Hebrews enjoyed each morning - though they wist not what it was - as they wandered in the wilderness with Moses? Sunday School teachers have tried recipes to meet the tastes depicted! And scholars have long dredged curious answers from the depiction.

A: Mushrooms - fit the depiction nicely: the winds scatter the myriad fine spores, rapidly propagating the species for years; and the structure, texture, and taste of mushrooms is well-defined: small as the hoar frost, whitish, on the ground, grows-up overnight, fluffy like a tiny pan of leavened bread, mild taste, rots noticeably in a day or two - so accurately described, its variety might be yet decidable today - it's not a test of Scripture.

Q: How did Christ take away the sins of [this] world? Considering how many Christians and Scientists sin so repeatedly: so often!

A: The Christ takes away any supposed power of any worldly thing to cause sinners to sin: the maker of sinners is sin, itself: the thought is ever more powerful than the act, as steam is more powerful than water (reminds Mrs. Eddy) - in otherwords, there's no escaping the individual necessity to conquer sin in one's own thought: the cause of sinners is not any of the sins of the world: the alcohol drunken is no longer a cause, as Jesus showed; murder is no longer a cause, as Jesus finally demonstrated ... Jesus said, take no thought for what you eat or drink, it's not what goes into the mouth, the sins of the world, that defileth a man, but what comes out: the opening the mouth and asking-for an unclean thing, for that alcoholic drink, for alcohol-service, for a drink from one who is serving or selling alcohol, that defileth the man. Christ is entirely consistent with original good - however Christians and the self-styled thinkers may disapproximate the Christ. The marvel that remains is how evil would be!

The more obvious consequence, and theological meaning, of living the Christ (yourself) is that you don't sin, or you cease sinning, when you live consistently with good, with the divine principle of good, God - as Christ Jesus showed: there's (no longer) no close reason to fear that we may sin and die, when we live truth full of good: the darkness of evil is removed far-away from the very presence of the light of Truth. Those who sin, or revert to sinning after instruction, aren't being Christly, nor rightly learned, however Christianly or Scientific: as Mrs. Eddy tells us, it is Christian Science to do and be right, and nothing less is worthy of the name.

Q: If this is within 'lambhorn's interest-set: Why are many Christian Scientists publicly calling for the end or closure of the Mother Church - often excerpting the MANUAL?

A: It is within the scope of 'lambhorn' - and, they overstate their feelings on the CHURCH MANUAL: What Mrs. Eddy, approved, was for the Directors to find out, evolve, in their own government - she wanted them to find the right way to know when she had approved, and not forever require a material sense of her leadership: She expected them to keep her alive in Truth; She expected them to keep themselves alive: whence there could be no more vacancies, when she was no longer available to them: There could be no more passings-on-in-office - or that did not recover: In her absence they should all five agree presently on the next, while in her presence they could allow one absent: They should come-up to her understanding. Never-the-less she foresaw that it would be a great while before they gained this understanding: and it should be too late then: a carrot, a stick. Mrs. Eddy always made interesting demands on her students and workers: Like Moses' skinny snake was too real for the Pharoah's conjurers, Spirit is too real for the materialists - but then the spiritual idea of Church should remain victor, and very-very present on Earth - till it should be taken-up, last: This is what she actually demanded of her Church. "And I saw a new heaven, and a new Earth, and there was no more sea" (REV) - no more source of that sea-beast: Her church would remain till the new Earth, and then her Church would have no more erroneous past.

Q: Are governments, States, approaching the Christ - are the welfare and healing efforts rewards and rewarding, by the Christ-consciousness expressed by mankind in its progress spiritward?

A: No: not by a margin. When Jesus fed the multitudes, he gave thanks for the goodness of the Christ-Principle, toward mankind, not the goodness of men towards their wives and mistresses: Jesus instructed his disciples to distribute to all, not merely to those in need: He knew that the rich withheld for distrust of being thought responsible for the poor and public assistance - Jesus recognized that God is greater than what mankind, rich and poor, recognize: he distributed a little to the wealthy in the crowd, too, that they might as primed pumps start forth from an excess - then the flow was enough to feed the multitude. Today's rich, however eleemosynary, cannot help effectually the cash-poor, by banking them year-late tax-breaks, unheeding the small cash-of-the-day in common transaction.


[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, and meant - the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover but discern and live it]
The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances herein to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (states). May your tabernacle measure true.


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