"and the future scathes the queen"

It's a good thing you chose to read this last article as well, because this is Christian Science, and you didn't want to miss a single nota béné.

Mrs. Eddy's first book was, SCIENCE AND HEALTH: finished and published when she wrote the chapter, Animal Magnetism (Unmasked). She later appended reader's Fruitage, as a testimonial to the wide appeal of her volume(s) and teachings, to the receptive thought of the many who were healed by reading. It became apparent in her own thought, as her church grew in its commemoration of Christ Jesus' words and works, that more mental activity was needed to further, fortify, and maintain her established Course, Cause, and Movement, of which she is Discoverer, Founder, and Leader; and she added three chapters under the unit heading, (WITH) KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES. These three, GENESIS, APOCALYPSE, and, GLOSSARY, are her own writings, no longer the 'scribe's inditement, as Paul was wont to say, not for teaching per sé, but for guidance, for letting you know who is in charge here these days (whence his church and moral rules - cf. I.COR7:6). And, as she said, you will find her in her writings. (MY120:2; also ref: PUL75:5;S&H82:3;RET86:7) We began this (our) exegesis with DANIEL at the fulcrum in the middle of time, and thence developed a scientifical, historical, priestly, and [whoso readeth, understand] literary, perspective of the depictions eliterated at the beginning and the end of Biblical Scripture. Mrs. Eddy intended for all her students to follow KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES as a work-book of inculcating examples: to give from their own comprehension of SCIENCE AND HEALTH the spiritual meaning to each and every citation read (from the Bible) in the Christian Science Sunday School Lesson-Sermons (and Services) - this (daily) mental endeavor helps them grapple with the sin of literalism that errs and misses the mark in their own thought, and expose it to the sunshine of Truth through the divine aid: (we) should come to loathe KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES because it is, the sin which is dredged-up in no better way than by spiritualizing (our) thought in the mirror of Science (S&H30:26;354:1); and they then should blush to call it real, for it recognizes the mental challenge of the prostitute's mistake (S&H92:21;MY115:4) - thereby perpetuating the divine Mind's plan to include all in one purposed (pure-posed) spiritual development; and therewith uniting themselves in their Church enfoldment. She refers to (this) Church as (her) structure of Truth and Love, rather than using a suggestion of its more expansive enfoldment of Truth and Love. Her meanings develop the central theme for its duration on Earth, while individually and collectively the Branches and Members range far and wide across this planet's globe, and ultimately upward into the larger cosmos above and around. Her meanings exemplify the possibility to all to participate whatever their intellectual education, and indeed, Christian Science is the better education and intellect. Words abound; and to accomplish the largess of her task she takes each citation, directly from the literal, up to the spiritual (inspired meaning), as the spiritual is always the larger and purer meaning. But this eventually makes her seem the (prostituted) harlot, ever entangling the ecclesiastical barbs and barbarisms with daily watchfulness, and lastly crowning that beast with her own self, drunken with the natural words of the lives of the dimly literal Saints, and bringing momentary order to an ungainly hold over the progress of animality and hatred itself.

Consequently we cannot expect to repeat her own words (meanings) to our own benefit, save to refresh and remind ourselves of her example emeritus - we are not that harlot; neither does the harlot care for her offspring passed weening: so she saw the need for a successor to remain at the portal of her belief of passing (where she went to overcome (heal) the passing insanity of national kings (death) in her highest wilderness, which characterized the beast as the lone challenger to familial affinities), and turn back all others with the iron rod of scientific-real individual immortality, superlongevity (on) Earth, a forged rod that will not rot nor burn in a thousand years. And we must each exercise our own consciousness of truth - and this will require and elucidate corrections in our own thought, of what Mrs. Eddy meant.

1) Mrs. Eddy says in KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, GENESIS, the light of the first day was not from the sun - only in a literal context of Earth's sunlight can this be true, because GENESIS is general, not for (our) one planet only; and the first light did have its generative source in the sun's deep interior, but was so thoroughly obscured from the Earth that the sun itself was nowhere visible as a hot spot, nor even as a brighter direction: the early solar shroud was entire and encompassing, glowing nebulously even beyond, and illuming the Earth's night side.

2) She emphasizes later that the sun and moon (and stars) were made on the fourth day; yet understanding this, we discern that these appeared through the dissipating nebula, and that their appearing did not measurably increase the daylight and warmth, whence (only) their definition disks (spots) appeared, on the fourth day.

3) She says the serpent appears in the allegory only as evil (KEY529:21), yet Jesus said it was as wisdom [about evil impending in the human understanding of substance, or flesh, or clay, or Earth], whence the utility, not evil, of snakes. (She really talks like the harlot, here impersonating evil to a mere individual snake - beware of evil talking: for this is incipient harlotry at its sharpest barbed hookery). To Mrs. Eddy, the fictitious talking serpent was always lying at her heel: in her childhood it called to her, Mary, Mary, Mary. (RET-----)

4) She asks, God and man are not one, for if one, who could tell which that one was? Obviously the original can tell, but then so do all the reflections (as in mirror-like fashion), and likewise, who shall hear, but that same original - therefor is man the reflection of Mind, Soul expressing its own perfect infinite selfhood in Science. But be wise that this item is in SCIENCE AND HEALTH: it requires beyond cavil, this answer to her challenge.

5) Mrs. Eddy was also wise to be not called, the woman in REVELATION, for she did not wish to rush prophecy and her own progress while she was yet with us as 'Mother'.

6) Mrs. Eddy said she believed in translation, as she also said, there are other useful books based on hers (and literature expressly which Sunday School pupils may appreciate), but she did not therefor mean necessarily word-by-word, nor phrase-by-phrase, nor even word-to-phrase; and there are capitalization rules that vary from her propriety, such as, Mother, in Japanese; therefor, read her English.

7) Mrs. Eddy tells us, electricity is the sharp surplus of material belief; but this surplus belief may be called by an(other) name, such as, too much bakery yeast, or, too much moldering cheese: you decide this belief of surplus yourself, for yourself.

8) Mrs. Eddy is not quick to steer us away from Scriptural numerology: that God is One, and this oneness constitutes (His) allness, we understand; but why should there be seven synonyms (same names for God), seems merely helpful, partial, local, not countable, not true, not un-in-eight-able [SIC].

9) Mrs. Eddy alludes to the healing of a man wasting away in well-meaning [SIC] starvation: proving to him that (yeast) could not make him ill - the harlot's vice: she equalized his emigrant mind to (that) unsaintly filth, to make it harmless. (S&H383:12)

10) Mrs. Eddy gets really blunt in challenging the world to prove her ethics any less than the highest possible. (MIS247:8) But we perceive that the world does not truly exist outside of what Christian Science makes of it, and therefor a Christian Scientist must answer her challenge to the world. Read this work: It answers the challenge of the literalistic prostitute's mistake and bold conjectures. But know also that as Jesus forgave (the) adulterous women because they loved much, and adjured them to sin no more, so we must forgive Mrs. Eddy, by meeting her need in rightly answering her prostituted taunt of, prove-me-wrong: kill my child - she says, we must have Christ and him crucified. (S&H39:7) But this is the prostitute's self-aggrandizing self-reassurance in self-righteousness in her mistake: of not seeing how to implement that fully highest ethic on Earth: even heaven here, now. (S&H200:27) That is left to her Son: to redeem his Mother.

11) She says, God is personal but not in any anthropomorphic sense - she means the way to understand and demonstrate God's presence is personally discerned and won, as the garden is blessed by the good gardener, but is never more than the gardener's thought; yet her aspersion upon anthropology is but her own clarion call to work as Christian Scientists progressing most rapidly into the woman's wilderness, and to leave her son alone of any vestige of person-worship, though he be the very tabernacle of God (REV21:3) - you do your own work, and love him as yourself (S&H336:32-1) ... don't ask him to be Jesus or Peter, or Paul or Moses (again).

12) UNSEALED: Mrs. Eddy said human methods change. (S&H529:6), not into iron-pipe matrical genetiques, but that she is our Wilderness Mother: YHWH.

The new wife goes down to repair damage left by prostitutes, but climbing back up she is assailed by yet more gold-diggers, plus 'gay's come to discourage her. Who shall then rescue both herself and her injured man, but a mistress ready to come down upon than all, and wise to render assistance to the wife, and smart to lead them back to the top where man is (a) king; and familial as a sister and daughter, yet a mistress that she'll be neither old maid, nor prostitute herself.

Sincerely and cordially, your Ark of the Covenant, the absolute final authority.

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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