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Christian Science Class Instruction
Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
The Son Dey School of Christ Science

"And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God." (REV21:3/EZEK37:27)


This title surprises somewhat, in that we expect to receive according to the words; but Class Instruction in Christian Science is not a book: it is a valuable experience with a qualified, authorized teacher, in which thoughts are dissected as to their origin and nature; and the only books therein are the Christian Science textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALTH (with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy), as well as other writings by its author (as found in PROSE WORKS), along with the HOLY BIBLE (King James', as she used), plus occasional gems found in the memoirs of her students, as well as in her own archives, to elucidate the classroom teaching and method, and recall the century of development since its inception (see PULPIT AND PRESS: preface/MBE), plus ancillary authorized literature as the student may enjoy in timely manner. (It is also what Sunday School pupils should be gaining, at a more open pace).

But a book on said subject can nevertheless weigh on the balance whereupon the mortal concept is to be accounted-of. Such a book must be correct literature, and must not deviate from absolute Christian Science. It must speak to the current age of revelation, and it must be necessary to the curriculum for which it stands. Because Christian Science is divine Science as it applies to humanity, this book must meet the human experience where it does the most good, and satisfies the greatest need: illuming the past and the future, the near and the far, the narrow and the wide, the good, the beautiful, and the great; the highest good it may do here is, (to) instill confidence in the supreme good. With such a requirement on this volume of human expansivity, it can only be a book on Christian Science Class Instruction.


In this present time we find the broadening and widening fulfillment of both mercurial prophecy and jovial [exemplary] revelation. From the standpoint of the Christian Science Movement itself we see a definite need to increase longevity of teachers, to supply that movement with dedicated students and wonderful workers of truth. But the need is also to gather-in and reclaim the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel from the 'four-corners' of Earth's diaspora, and prepare their thought to receptivity for the final revelation of Christian Science already revealed in the textbook and weekly in the Sabbath Lesson-Sermons broadcast from The Church of Christ, Scientist. To this end the pursuit-scientifique (the 'purse-sane' of attainment and discovery) must be drawn tight, the little ship of truth, life, and soul steadied against the burgeoning Christ-mess seething with purpose and Principle, and teeming with gratitude and Love - but not with the unwieldy weights of intellectual fictions, which might otherwise sink the boat.

What then may we say afore of this little book? It must be what it is: it must be true to God, true to Man, true to Church, true to Scripture, true to Christ, true to Science, and, true to the world: true enough to waken what is good in it, and wise enough not to overdraw the account of it. Since no scientific system of education seeks to make all men teachers, save of themselves - else what level would be the standard, or what would there remain to be taught, or to whom might the teachings apply - and neither does such a system seek merely to propagate itself in esoterica, it can only hope to elevate all thoughts to Science, rightly taught. But Science must have its examples, its examinations, its graduations. And to this end this work may apply profitably. Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer of the Christ Science and founder of its Cause, and Leader of its Movement, began at the numeration tables of Christian Science and worked up to its infinite divine Calculus. But we must do more: we must go beyond in this world, else we are not proving the immortality of Truth (and then must go back to square-one and begin again), or not improving our estimate of its effect upon humanity (and then must go out and find a better teacher) - we must achieve its immortal divine Computus. A good graduate course does just this, from the high plane of understanding, promontory above the ebbing seas of mere human reason, looking in and out from the sacred Scripture, it beholds in the cosmos, the very plan, as well as purpose. From a common past, to a connected future, mankind has never been very far from God; but to see this and reason with it, we must gain a purer strain of scriptural lore and allegory: the lie must be found-out, the reason righted; we must unwind the snarls of the ages' personal sense and self; we must make our experience a better transparency for truth; we must weed-out the brood of evils infesting mortal thought: we must correct the lie with the truth of being and its action, over and above merely to absolutely never believing it. And if we do so properly we cannot fail but accomplish our purpose, and arrive in agreement (not tacitly) with the conclusions found herein.

This work then is the natural outcome of a century of Christian Science thought made mainfest in the daily betterment of mankind, in the improvement of moments, and the full-fill-ment of Scripture, re-uniting Jew and Christian, Judean and Israeli, Ishmaelite and Egyptian, and Cain's seed, all in one generic man, all having one precendent, one balance-line of history, one light, one Cause, one Effect, one God or good, one Mind and Truth, (and) culminating in the foundation of Earth's preparatory day school, the university of Christ's Scientific divinity.


The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Sabbath School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'. That all mankind on Earth should be so involved and yet so diverse, bodes larger promise still; and to see that vastness we must climb higher, ever in the line of the directness of the light of Truth.

This course is shaped from rigorous exactions upon Scripture, beginning with DANIEL whose times and days bore a code from the east (from Oriental dreams, bright rising visions, intense insights) even to the west (to Occidental redactions, settling realizations, ratiocinative analyses), opened with the master-key from St. John's REVELATION, together illuming the ever widening and enlarging cycles of GENESIS, and taking-in relevant citations throughout the Gospels and the Old Testament.

The title of this work indicates its nature to grapple with what might otherwise be called, controversial fundamentalism, and explain why it had to be this way, and what it really is, was, and shall be. The subtitle is equally exact, for the Scripture imputes and requires, no longer shall men say, know the LORD, nor (shall) brother teach brother, but all shall know me and be taught of me, saith the LORD, even from the least of them unto the greatest (of them). (JER31:34) And so also is its authorship exact, for the prepositional 'unto' which appears in The Holy Scripture (Jewish as well as King James') inflects the 'greatest' - meaning, the 'greatest' does not 'know' but is, the very LORD: the Son-Dey [God's own].

And wherefore then does a book serve the great public? but as a drawbridge let down to its platform beyond that mote: step-back or you'll get squished! as a door to be opened and entered therein! a threshold to be passed-over and exceeded, left at the portal in the perimeter! steps to be counted not in numbering but in taking! candles to be lit for personal service on the altar of the Spirit of Principle, whose sweet incense offering permeates its scent of principalities reduced to cindering smoke, and meets and rises to heaven! and this book, as the flue, the little opening above the altar whereby the old gray smoke may continue to ascend and exit mortals' inner chamber of thoughts, Godward, and so not choke with mere self-satisfaction of victory over sins consumed, sincerity's higher, sweeter in-drawn aspirations! the standard of Truth held o'er the parallax of societal intellect, catching and flapping with the Spirit, saluted daily for gratitude! earned and won by forebearers, the right to be called and known as Christian Scientists! demarking the very entrance to the new higher school of reason not rote, the never disappearing true Son Dey School land-mark! This book is the final revelation of the Father present on Earth, to whom all must turn or return in contrition, meekness, fidelity and finality, homeward as the prodigal son, having spent so much good on Earth, and needing again that refreshment of Heaven's roost: its robe and ring, its right and rule and roast.

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

The teachings hereļn are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, governments, find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics: Scientific inferentiation on Holy Biblical Scripture: What actually happened.

FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction * RKPetry

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereļn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States). May your tabernacle measure true.


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