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the impression of Truth and Good
"Truth must be understood to be demonstrated; Good must be demonstrated to be understood." (MBE)
"And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron." (REV12:5)
"I call heaven and Earth to record this day against you,
that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing:
therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." (DEUT30:19)


It has come to the attention that a spurious class of testimony is being used to cover for inappropriate treatment and release of 'Patients'--

In particular, the so-called 'healing of drug addiction' ... is a scam: There is no such thing, (but symptoms similar in rare cases of poisoning of frontline-warfare combatants, which is a larger but recognized problem and the cause of national defense is also specified in such testimonies classed as 'wartime healings'): This type, pretends to 'heal the cure', instead of healing the disease and its claim that led to grossly-mistaken materia medica calling itself 'drug abuse' and thence 'addiction' (the talking-up of drug-abuse to cover the sin, sickness, disease, or insanity).

This type, is also in a plot to subvert the Patient's better sensibilities, by pretending to heal the last phase of a disease announcing its name: which Mrs. Eddy says quite specifically, Disease has no intelligence to...announce its name:-- The names of this type would disguise the disease under a sequence, the first-after being the 'drug', the second the 'drug abuse', the third the 'drug addiction'....

Mrs. Eddy tells us that the claim of sin must be detected, to heal it. Sunday School Teachers and Superintendents will usually be handling such claims at their inchoate stages, the 'obsequious peer pressure', the 'popularity contest', the 'existential obloquy', etc....

8. [AUGUST 2007] [UPDATED 2008-2009]

We'd like to announce that we have revised our primary screenplay ARCHAEODUS -Jehovah in Eden- [newer title], to include scenes relating the development of the Adam-lineage, eastward in Eden/Edin, with the development in Sumeria and the parallel development in Egypt, according to our recent extracurricular summer session (2006) exegetic endeavor on the Biblical Egyptian Sumerian Jehovahns, a lengthy, conclusory correlation of Scripture and archaic texts. The result in the screenplay is near-comical relief as factual and pertinent to the story: what actually happened.

The Trustee: Liaison to Sesquatercet productions.

[N.B. This screenplay is being queued for revision by the Principal Screenwriter, to accommodate significant newly-discovered details: The prior major revision included the Egyptian side of the family and their comedy, but we have now ascertained that they were in Egypt 203 years before Jehovah Shw Khonshu Apsu begat Adam Geb Lahmu and Eve Nwt Lahamu, with his wife Tefnwt Mwt Tiamut, and moved his family to Sumer.... The perception base is still solid, but details pushing back into their own prehistory are necessarily pertinent enough to delineate in the motion picture, (Cf subsequent screenplay, "ShTh! A Story of Purpose").]


TO: The Mother Church; Branch Churches; Executive Boards, Readers, Sunday Schools; Societies; College Organizations:

Dear Sirs and Madams:

Rev. Mary Baker Eddy in her CHURCH MANUAL provisions for the Christian Science Movement specified that Christian Science Sunday School instructions continue for pupils up to the age of 20 years;- She also specified that Readers in the Mother Church be thorough English scholars, and that the Readers, in Branches as well, be the Church disciplinarians of the memberships and congregations.

The problem became plain to practicing Christian Scientists by Christmas in the year AD 2000: Mrs. Eddy had indicated her wish that her students seventy-five years hence take a telescoping look back on the development of the Movement; and predicted that if Christian Scientists everywhere had practiced their religion by the end of the century (20th), all Christendom would become known as Christian Scientist,- by December 31, were we picky [PUL21:18-21np] .... But neither happened in thorough respect, -nor even on the Internet since the mid-1990's the most facile for publication (compared to the printing hundreds of millions of additional paper copies of SCIENCE AND HEALTH),- ... And, there yet remains her meaning--

In the early 1920's, The Boards of Directors tied their shoelaces together and shortened their stride and pace.

In the early 1970's, The Boards of Directors turned to a narrow Copyright for Science And Health, (from a USA Congress that in 1910 had capped its own Numbers).

In the late 1980-90's, The Boards of Directors garnished Church finances to broadcast a television of itself.

Unwilling to part with its passed ideology The Christian Science Church today still nurses on dental drills and overthecounter painkillers instead of mental chemistry that precipitates, child'ish imitations of technology.

It was not infeasible to build an all-Christian Science Church in seven days time-- Recall Mrs. Eddy's day when the workmen themselves, as surely as her Practitioners, all pulled together and had the first edifice finished in record time,- And here we are on the Internet with digital ease, and that exempli gratia demonstrated ...

When her Church needed direction, Mrs. Eddy supplied it ... Revised her estimates, Her Rules, Her MANUAL.

As, The, Successor to Reverend Mary Baker Eddy, -whom she forsaw my coming and designated this is what she desired me to do for her and her Church,- I am hereby announcing Her Church will now refine this By-Law regarding and subdividing the Sunday School Students ... as follows:

Mrs. Eddy's phrased "up to" was a holdover from her earlier limit that was lower, mid-childhood (whence up and down were pertinent thereto) ... She knew it had to be raised but she didn't know how to subdivide boys from girls -(for adults she requires Mr. and Mrs.),- ... She raised the limit "up to" twenty, and stopped,- leaving it for her Successor -"a man"- to resolve and subdivide.

The New Rule--

GIRLS to the age of twenty may remain in Sunday School; and on their first visit at the age of twenty-one, shall formally close their relation as a child pupil.

BOYS up to the age of seventeen may remain in Sunday School; and on their first visit at the age of eighteen, shall formally close their relation as a pupil.

"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:19-21)

It was ever since the earliest years of the Christian Movement, even in Christ Jesus' era wanderings with his Disciples, that men had the prescient and more active role in his Church.

"But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day." (MATT24:20; MARK13:18)

We need the online Christian Science Reading Center, and an online Internet-facile Concordance to Rev. Eddy's works.

This is one World, one Church, one Christ, one God, one means spiritual, one end.

Thank you, for joining with project 'lambhorn' and The Son Dey School of The Christ Science, in this endeavor: It is now less than 330 years to the final turn of all Biblical prophecy Godward, -even the return of the Jehovahns,- and we follow Mrs. Eddy rightly as she follows the Christ.

Cordially and sincerely.
The Successor to Rev. Mary Baker Eddy.
Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS BA

7B. [The Directors of The Mother Church, decades ago, requested this be handled in my Branch Churches first]

6. [APRIL 2004] [REVISED MAY 2001] [FEB 2000] [REFINED AUGUST 2005; SEE 7. ABOVE]

5. [MAY 2001]

Project 'lambhorn' announces the discovery of a potential atterrissage for Adam and Jehovah (pregnant with Eve) in the Middle East: In the examination of high-resolution satellite photo-images since sighting in an APR 3 1998 (processed) scan, a definite and colossal impact zone eastward on the Arabian subcontinent, and onto the Persian mountain range: Its broad features are analogous to meteorite impact theories, so as to suggest an explosion in four widely separated clusters, but a very shallow descent to Earth, the fragments plowing and rolling tens of miles across the landscape: Jehovah having escaped with Adam some (near) time prior. The article, Garden Depressions, details this: Our ARCHAEODUS [screenplay] is edited for one plausible explanation.

4. [FEB 2000] [REVISED MAY 2001] [RESOLVED APRIL 2004; SEE 6. ABOVE]

3. [JAN 98]

We'd like to invite readers, all, to consider 'lambhorn's foray into general Christendom with its healing message of God's law of adjustment for mankind collectively. Project 'lambhorn' shall address issues of marriage and adoption, what's really needed, setting the family in the very tangible presence of the Kingdom of heaven on Earth, and, other Church denominations joining with the Christian Science Cause and Movement. [First articles are up]

2. [NOV 96] [REVISED MAR 2000]

At this time we announce the next phase of, The Christian Science Ledger:


The CSLedger is appended to 'lambhorn' and available for direct Internet/web-site reading. We call for [article] contributors, who may reply by e-mail to the Editor-INC.

1. [NOV 96] [UPDATED MAR 2000]

This is to inform readers that we are in pre-production on ARCHAEODUS [First Journey], Adam-in-Eden, the movie. The script is screenwritten and edited by 'lambhorn's Founder, and previewable on-web - a finished version will be delivered to 'lambhorn' complete for inclusion as an on-web viewable feature [with 'meta-refresh' timings and audio-inclusions] around the time it will be viewable in selected theatres.

Although the ultimate recipient-owner shall be The Son Dey School and project 'lambhorn', this production shall proceed as an ordinary movie-making effort: the actors, crews, and reproduction-authorities shall be paid ordinary rates, and may be ordinary persons not affiliated - strict observance of goodly [cleanly, Godly] speech and conduct on the production location-set notwithstanding.

It's Scriptural and Scientific progenesis is developed here: It is the story of Jehovah's arrival on Earth with Adam [and still carrying Eve] and their life in Adam's Eden kinder-garden. It's scripted, and set [choreographed] to music, and now in finishing, screen-writing ... it tells a plausible beginning of current modern scientifically advancing society, of what actually happened on Earth about 3670 BC, of our common past and our connected future ....

ARCHAEODUS, the movie, is a nonprofit [expense] venture for project 'lambhorn' and The Son Dey School of Christ Science, through its media subsidiary, project SesQuaTercet productions - no contributions are taken: SesQuaTercet will be seeking standard movie co-production funding, with ordinary actors and computerized background/image generators, for '3.5D' [binoptical/time-forward] 'stereo-eyes-ed' viewing on standard theater screen, using white 'sexichrome' or polarized, stereo-eyes-ed 'safety-goggles' - and advanced digital stereo surround-sound editing. [We'll keep readers informed here.]

Presently, the script has been fourth revisioned; and the music has been director-selected from three antipodal new-age composer-musicians representing Tahitian, Celtic, and American orchestral genre, and choreographed [time-sequence optimized] to precise seconds.

Strategic-Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Trustee/Founder

Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS, 1996-2010
Trustee: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS, 1996-2010
Founder: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS,
Principal Successor to Rev. Mary Baker Eddy
The teachings hereļn are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, governments, find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics: Scientific inferentiation on Holy Biblical Scripture: What actually happened.

FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction * RKPetry

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereļn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States). May your tabernacle measure true.


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